How easily install website video background

Hi! This post is about how to set a video background on the website, this way is easy and simple. Here we will make a video background that will be stretched to full screen, will be cyclically reproduced and will be played automatically after loading the page and will also adapt to different sizes of devices.

Attention! Not guaranteed to work in mobile browsers!

Step 1. Download your favorite videos and upload them to your website.
Step 2. Copy the following code into the HTML and CSS files respectively and replace the names of the video files (1.mp4, 1.ogv, 1.webm) :



*autoplay - an attribute that is responsible to play videos automatically after loading page.
*loop - an attribute of a cyclical play of the video background.
*the video is uploaded in three formats - mp4, ogv and webm for the correct display of the video background in all browsers.



Finished! Now you can use all of your creative energy to make this video with the help of typography, logos, buttons, extra layers, everything! Create something stylish, modern and exciting! Forward!

Dear friends, what do you cannot do, what problems do you face?

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