Top 5 Background Videos In Web Design

Posted on: September 2, 2015

Video background is an element of web design which has become one of trends of 2015. And this is great, because the site should not be static because it is not printed. There is much easier to create something interesting and exciting as animation or video with the advent and development of HTML5. Some sites use full-screen background video for emotional involvement, while others can thus tell a story or show their products in action. For your inspiration, the team of minimoovie made a TOP of gorgeous websites with video background.

Video background

This is the website of the French company, which is engaged in creation of sites. Their pitching is really magical. Great background video in several places, haunting sound, design - all these elements create a wonderful impression. They strive to show how much they love their job and do it impressively. Video background is very handy.

This Danish company is also engaged in the creation of web sites. They use a Videophone to talk about projects that they have done, but also about themselves and their work. Additional background with gradient makes a specific style for the entire project.

Video background

Deja Vue is the website presenting the clip. It has its own atmosphere and special task - to convey the nature of the song. The creation of a double video background and the soundtrack adds dynamics and gives a special atmosphere.

Website of ALEXANDRA POSEN (she is artist) is an album of works. Homepage of site is an abstraction, a mixture of water and paints of different colors. It looks very beautiful and fascinating. You feel that you have come to the website of the artist.

Video background

Website of graphic designer Marisa Pasos. Home page of the website is designed in a minimalistic and at the same time impressive. Paint dropped into the water changes the shape and creates a beautiful effect. Here we understand that was back in the territory of the artist.

These examples are inspiring, isn't it? And what Video background do you use for your project? Choose what you need from our collection in